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Comment 9 by elisa_fdm :

Only if they're allowed to be wildly irrational where decisions that affect me are taken. Many of the theists I know admit to the irrationality of their beliefs and would never dream of saying that, because God has spoken to them or inspired them, then any action should be taken regarding any type of public policy.

My goal (just as unattainable as the total disappearance of theism, I might add) is for all theists to be like that.

It's impossible to draw that line. Poor thinkers make poor decisions.

My goal is for children to be taught how to think. If we could actually manage to do that somewhat competently all superstition would suffer greatly.

By the way, everyone should go read the "Ghost seance" thread. A wonderful demonstration is made of why the matter of theism is utterly irrelevant.

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