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In 1983 I was training as an English teacher in the South East of England. On my teaching practice I read some Shakespeare with a class of year 7 students (aged 11 -12), and got them to write their own versions of 'spells' - to be finished off for homework. The Head of English had approved my lesson, and my tutor from college watched me teach it. The next day one of the students presented me with a letter from her parents saying that they would not allow her to do the homework as this was dangerous and could awaken dark forces. The Head of English expressed some exasperation and told me to tell her not to bother with doing the homework. At this point another teacher shouted out across the staffroom that what I was doing was unacceptable, that the girl's parents were absolutely right, that Macbeth was dangerous, and should not be taught. What I found most shocking about this was that the teacher was a science teacher, specifically a biology teacher. What happened? I was quietly advised to change the topic for the next lesson.

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