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It is clear to me that we are nowhere near explaining everything yet. Just like every generation of scientists' ideas are expanded and sometimes overturned by the next, there is more to the world than our current understanding of it. Familiarity with these weirder aspects of the world makes them understandable and predictable in their own way, manageable perhaps, but you're not in that position. You're playing around imitating occult practices without any understanding or precaution. Did you think to test first that imitating these practices would cause no ill-effects? Or did you base your actions on theory and received wisdom?

Baloney. Please start your own topic so we can properly address your beliefs separately.

IMO, there are no ghosts, so no harm can be created by poking fun at what does not exist!!

Rather than add ghosts, consider examining the film to show that NOTHING happened. See it for what it is - a bunch of kids running around acting like ghosts. I once watched some ghost hunter TV show. Basically the people hunting for ghosts were overreacting to little noises. "Ooo, I hear a noise. It must be a ghost." They jumped to conclusions. No, it was the pipes. Don't add anything to the film or at least not one version of the film. If you do add ghosts, do it for fun. See how special effects enhance the story. Get the kids to acknowledge that the only ghosts were themselves. Film a blank corner of the room and watch it for ten minutes. Nothing will happen. If you hear a noise. Find out the cause. Something will seem to happen only if you allow your imagination to create a story. We humans make up stories, but if you look closely, poof, it's gone. Help children to realize that when something unexplained happens, there is a need to do research to discover the cause. The first reaction would be to automatically assume it comes something "mystical." Encourage the children to dig deeper. Help them to acknowledge that we are the story makers and ghost creators.

I'm sure there are plenty of magic tricks that seem fantastic. Pick a few good ones, then reveal what is really going on.

Another idea is to just go ahead and finish what you started. You did not say what subject this project is for--- art, literature?? Just be sure that you justify the project according to the curriculum. If disputes come up then be sure to make it a teachable moment.

Sounds fun. I bet the kids enjoyed making the film. Be sure to have kids write credits. Do the editing, make movie posters, have a morning announcement, etc.

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