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Comment 15 by Floyd I had to laugh when OP mentioned prisons and mental hospitals for theists! Nobody is suggesting anything like that

I would suggest it. Not to throw away the keys but to subject them to a crash course in scientific discovery and somehow deprogram them so they can chose voluntarily to give up the imaginary friend.

I am of a marxist mentality but with capitalistic anarchistic anti theist twist. Deep inside I am a militant atheist I guess. Or at the very least not a compromising one. I am sick of charlatanry and it should be stopped.

Given everything we now know about our world and the cosmos, there simply isn't any reason to believe in Gods.

yet they still stubbornly believe!!! even come up with silly ideas like creationism.

"Guess who's coming to dinnner?" on TV the other day and it was amazing that only 45 years ago a mixed-race marriage was seen as shocking. Progress can be made quicker than you think.

Yea it took almost 50 years to accept mixed races, even more for women to get to vote, children's rights. I think atheism is at the bottom of the list of priorities. Considering philosophy is a personal choice.

Comment 10 by Quine As far as the OP goes, I think our goal is to restrict theists to differences that don't make a difference. They don't get to make public policy on religious grounds, and don't get to make claims that are exempt from challenge, and in state supported schools, they do not get to teach religion as fact or prevent children from finding out the counter evidence from science.

That is the most we can hope for. At least to start with.

Progress can't be quicker than I wish it to be.

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