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Michael, thanks (!) for reminding me of Catlick Truth. I notice their 'editor' restarted their blog, after pausing it because they got fed up with some of us challenging them on miracles and Catholic teaching. Here's what they said a while back:

Sadly, though, we have a regular group of users who dislike us, coming on to argue for the sake of argument. They appear to seek to disrupt our debates. This, as one priest said to me recently, is a sure sign of “success”. They know it’s end-game time. And we’re on the winning side. Maddening for them.

'End-game time'! They make such daft comments. Here's an example thread where a number of us 'debated' their much loved regulars. Russell's Teapot (remember her) doing a sterling job amongst others, Quine included.

As one small recent example of their bigotry, take a look at this hate filled monologue on Stephen Gately's funeral:

Nobody seems to be expressing any surprise at all that Father Declan Blake condoned the homosexual lifestyle during a Mass and effectively canonised Mr Gately, publicly acknowledging his civil partnership, with approval. This is a very grave matter. For by our silence, we are complicit in the sin of another. A Church packed with celebrities, many of them living the same “gay” lifestyle, were betrayed: instead of hearing Catholic teaching expounded, they heard a priest reinforcing their erroneous beliefs about life, God and the nature of The Judgement which we will all have to face one day. Given that Stephen Gately had excommunicated himself by rejecting Catholic teaching on God’s moral law, there should not have been a Catholic funeral anyway. Now, shockingly, we are faced with the public scandal of an excommunicate receiving a funeral-cum-canonisation in a Catholic Church by a priest who has displayed a schismatic mentality. He has failed to uphold Catholic teaching on homosexuality and more, he has publicly approved this sin in the very presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

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