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Believe it not, I've heard this response--that before Adam and Eve ate that damned apple and committed the Original Sin, none of those nasty things were going on in nature--there weren't even carnivores or omnivores and everything had a care-free, long life.

i knew a fundie who subscribed to this belief. i guess after the fall they all got together for a bit and agreed that the ones with pointy teeth and simpler digestive systems would be carnivores etc

I think the odds confuse many into believing in design. to use an example of something with much smaller odds but extremely long nonetheless, the national lottery.

the odds dictate that an average punter could buy a ticket every week for 5000 years before being likely to get hte jackpot. and yet someone wins almost every week.

naturally a good number of those who win must presume they were fated to, most people who do the thicky-tax believe deep down they'll be lucky one day. most won't but the few that do, not only survive massive odds they also "knew all along".

anything that looks designed by intelligence is in a way. the (relatively) intelligent animal recognising patterns (as it's evolved to do) and comparing them to their own world view sees the design of their own making

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