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there's no goal with regards to theists as far as i can see.

the goal is to help atheists come out and ensure our human rights are not threatened

i have no goal with theists. if one wishes to talk to me i wouldn't try to deconvert them but if they were in the process of losing faith and wanted support i'd try to offer it regardless of which way they ended up

the out campaign is very similar to the campaigns for gay rights. there was no intention to convert straight poeple (although plenty of media outlets to this day seem to think that is the case), just accept that people are what we are.

any goals should be political rather than religious. people are free to believe in anything but we should be able to question the competence of anyone in authority using an irraitonal system of decision making.

one goal that should be more than enough for any activist is to keep on top of the prejudice and call it out when spotted. there's plenty being said in public about atheists that goes largely unchallanged but would cause uproar if aimed at any other group.

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