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The more extreme views would be prisons, mental hospitals or something, but is there a less extreme consensus?

The more extreme view? How about the lunatic proto-fascist view? Can you point to one atheist (not some nutter commenting on a blog but someone with stature like Dawkins) who wants to put theists in prison or mental hospitals? That sounds to me like the kind of strawman that the theists would promote. "See this is what those atheists want to do, put good Christians in secret FEMA prisons!"

This gets back to the discussion of what an atheist movement is all about. For me its about a lot more than atheism. The simplest way to put my goals (and I think the goals of many others such as Dawkins) are "the values of the enlightenment". Reason is the way to solve problems not force. Everyone has certain basic rights and one of the most fundamental ones is the right to believe and express any insane thing they want as long as they don't harm others.

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