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I teach at a village primary school in Giant Mountains, Czech Republic. During lessons in narrating, we'd written a short movie script, which was to be filmed a week later. Children, aged 13, had written quite funny ghost stories, so last week we set the class up to film it.

Creepy music was put on, volunteers gathered around the table and started to ask for a ghost, moving a glass according to script. Others were hidden behind the school wardrobes moving various things around, as if many ghosts were present all over the class - but without us noticing. We were "terrified" only upon seeing the footage...

I'm not sure I'd want any kids of mine to be subject to some school's version of the Blair Witch Project.

Upon coming back from class, I was confronted by a teacher, who accused me of endangering the school by playing with the dark powers. She said the devil exists and it looks for opportunity to get here.

Well of course the teacher is over-reacting and silly, but that sort of misses the point that your whole setup has a rather creepy feel to it, whatever the intentions.

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