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if you acknowledge a creator you run into a very slippery slope on the nature of "his" creation. It dooms the conversation to degenerate into made up bullshit. Only evolution has the explanatory power and rigor to handle such an observation. That is one of the myriad reasons that we are confident in evolution as a theory.

The problem I have is that the fact of evolution ( and it clearly is a fact ) still doesn't answer the questions. It simply raises more questions if one goes a little deeper. For example.....

1) Given that the entire universe runs off mathematical principles.....are we then to conclude that pain and suffering are an intrinsic part of mathematics ??

2) Are emergent phenomena ( such as evolution ) an implicate part of the universe...or does the universe only 'exist' at its most fundamental level ?

Number (2) is actually the crux of the whole issue. It's the physics/biology...whatever.....version of asking whether the universe is even 'aware' that we exist. I use 'aware' in the existential sense of being a distinct entity....not in any mental sense.

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