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I'd like theists to become much, much stronger in their faith in God, because all I'm seeing is a bunch of lemmings proving the maxim "Misery loves company".

If religious people truly have faith that their personal God exists and loves them, and that everything is going according to His plan, not to mention that He is due to arrive soon on Earth to take care of any remaining loose ends, then WHY in heaven's name do they even care what atheists think?

Hey Christian:

Why are you so offended by what a bunch of heathens say? It won't matter one iota in the long run, will it?

Why do you insist on tax breaks and special recognition from the government, and deny these same privileges to non-believers? What difference will a few bucks make in your apocalyptic endgame? God is going seek, find, and "raise up" all the true believers in His second coming, isn't He? Better still, doesn't this omniscient God already know who His children are? Furthermore, it seems all an unrepentant sinner has to do to "get right with God" in the afterlife is to kneel down at the Pearly Gates and utter a heartfelt oath of allegiance. Why then, can't you just ignore who you consider heathens in this life?

Just let us atheists have our sinful fun in the here and now. We'll pay dearly for it in the end, right? Or aren't balloon payments acceptable anymore?

It appears you Christians don't have real faith. You keep asking for special treatment in this material world, which is ultimately of no consequence whatsoever to true believers, and you also demand that atheists stop laughing at you. (Yes, we are laughing.) Why? Why do these trivial things matter to you?

Perhaps there are there different levels of seating in Paradise? If you convert three non-believers to Christianity, do you get a permanent front row seat instead of the nose bleed section at Jesus' eternal rock concert? Is this how Christian evangelism works? Spread the word now and redeem your prizes later? Sort of like the Girl Scout cookies business model?

In my view, a truly faithful Christian would let his actions speak much louder than his words. In other words: "C'mon, Christian, give up your tax havens -- they are only temporary, worldly pleasures of the flesh anyway. And stop censoring science and atheism -- God's coming back soon, right???"

Prove that you aren't just a bunch of miserable, intellectual weaklings who desperately need validation from heathens. In other words, please quit with the whining and start acting like you understand what the word "faith" really means.


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