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@Red:The more extreme view? How about the lunatic proto-fascist view? Can you point to one atheist (not some nutter commenting on a blog but someone with stature like Dawkins)

Christopher Hitchens ? He may be dead but he leaves a paved road for all atheists to walk tall and show by example what living atheist is all about. Best of Christopher Hitchens - Clips on religion Part 1 of 2

There is a goal for atheism. To help wake up the rest of the people. We would not have woken up to the reality unless it was natural to do so. Our own brains made us atheist. Based on reality. Our own brains choose to be duped , that is not normal nor natural and even less logical.

The majority of people in the world are still quite ignorant and being kept that way. Their lives are so hard and poverty stricken that they can't be bothered to learn anything even.

In order to change this situation, atheists must become more active in humanitarian efforts around the world. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as well as Steve Jobs, atheists, humanists examples of godless people who give back enormously .

We must replace religious pseudo missionary work with just work, help without indoctrinating anyone. The truth will set everyone free once it is known by the masses of ignorant people. It will not happen on it's own. Our goal should be to eventually discard all gods and deities .

Accepting people to believe what they want is not going to work. That is how cults and religions are born. Someone gets some idea they write a book next thing you know it's scientology, or mormonism.

The world needs to be rid completely of any god and religious belief which goes against the natural harmony of the planet.

It is not a fascist view, it is an idealist view.

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