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I have no desire to "convert" anyone to atheism or humanism; my goal is to be as outspoken as possible about secularism. People's right to rely on faith over reason is fine as long as it doesn't impact public policy that affects those who do not share those beliefs.

Hi Bujin and welcome to the site.

For a long time I felt the way you do--but no longer. First, it is impossible for the religious not to try to influence public policy. Their belief system mandates that they try to change the world to fit their religious suppositions about things should be arranged.

More, importantly, religion is a firewall separating humans from progress. It's a reason stopper. I happen to believe in human progress, the expansion of human rights and the long-term success of the species (I think Darwin had a little to say about that belief).

So I went from being a casual atheist, like yourself, to a rabid antitheist, working to destroy the influence of superstition in our world. Come and join me.



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