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You have all heard the idea that we all march to a different drummer???? Well, sometime I march to an accordion player.

..and sometimes your drum may be broken.

Crookedshoes, I agree with what your said. Every person is different and has their own individual needs. What speaks to you may not speak to me. Timing is also important. If I read that letter when I visited Taos 15 years earlier, I probably would not have finished the first few sentences. I stumbled onto it at the perfect time. Much of the depression and confusion I was dealing with for much of the year, was instantly lifted and I felt like I could float when I walked outside. Since then, I have been able to rebuild my view of what is important in life.

At times, lyrics can speak to you or a simple flower could hold special meaning. The object or event doesn't hold any truth in and of itself, but it sparks something within you that allows you to see something differently, or encourages you to appreciate something. It can motivate you to do something, or try something new. People help people and sometimes telling our own story can spark someone else in unexpected ways.

I think this is why "spirituality" or secular inspiration is superior to religious assembly. These two approaches take personal experience and individuality into account. Religion is about conformity and following group traditions that have preset, expected events and experiences (holidays, prayer services) in which a person is expected to react and respond emotionally in accordance with the parameters of the worship. As a former Catholic, people were expected to reflect upon the meaning of the stations of the cross (recounting the events of Jesus being led to his crucifixion.) You were to feel transcended by empathizing with how Jesus felt when he fell numerous times while carrying the cross. "You too have your cross to bear." Somehow, I found it easier to relate to Millicent Rogers, socialite, art collector, sickly child who struggled a lifetime with health issues (not just a weekend.) I related to her humanity. She "fell" numerous times and kept going and touched many people's lives. She viewed this world as "sacred" wonderful, beautiful, complex. She saw herself as ONE with life not separate or superior.

In religion and in cults, people are frequently told they need to relate to a personal God in human form. Jesus certainly seems to fill these shoes. In the Jesus story, God came down from the heavens and incarnated in human form....much easier to relate to than a storm, force, energy, etc. Many cult leaders claim that they are divine and by worshiping a human form of a God, themselves, it is easier for them to relate to the ideology.

It seems very clear to me that people invented a God in human form because it was easier for them to relate to this version and easier to manufacture events of importance to unify groups of people. Religion reminds me of highly landscaped property which has manufactured ponds, pools, topiaries, statues paths, closing hours, etc. that are so overdone and over planned that they are past the point of being tacky, mundane, unoriginal, impersonal, and plastic. Religion provides a sugar coated, artificial experience of life. "Insert meaning and emotion here." All personal growth, exploration, and meaning is prepackaged into a format that has the seal of approval from a select group of people who are in authority. No work on your part is necessary; all the details of the cruise will be provided by your Captain and cruise directors. A painful retelling of the Captain's ordeals at sea will be retold at 3 pm on the Lido deck. It is important to recognize how this ship would never ever sail if it weren't for the Captain, all are expected to attend. Anyone not present will be hunted down and forced to walk the plank and live eternity at the bottom of the sea in Davey Jones' Locker. Cocktails will be served afterwards, please join us in fellowship.

Spirituality or inspirational atheism, humanism etc. is "like wrangling up cats." This clearly frustrates the controllists and literalists because the power is not within their realm.

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