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It is interesting that not one theist in the whole world will say, “Yes I believe there’s a god and he’s an evil prick“. It’s like it’s not in the human psyche to think like that, but it wasn’t always like this, was it? There was a time when people looked around and thought, “What kind of god would make a world like this then” and the answer was, “A sadistic, cruel god of course!” So they sacrificed people in the thousands to try and meet gods daily requirement for carnage, before he could get to them. The early Israelites sacrificed children all the time to their bloodthirsty god. The Christians never did, I don’t think, but then their bloodthirsty god had already received the ultimate human sacrifice. By believing that the torture-killing of Jesus was necessary, they do in a way acknowledge that if there is a god it is necessarily a god with a certain sadistic streak. Not that they will admit that.

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