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Comment 8 by aquilacane :

Abstinence is the best preventative method of birth control. For the girl in the photo to say "screw abstinence" I find a bit dumb and against the goal of sex education. I know she's trying to be sound bite-ishly cool, but it sucks as a message. "Screw abstinence only education" I can get behind but that's too long for a t-shirt, I guess. Abstinence should be the fist line education message followed by a close condom/pill if you have to message.

I mostly agree. I think the shirt is funny but I sort of see your point. But I don't agree with the "condom/pill if you have to message" Perhaps I'm reading too much into your choice of words but it sounds as if you are saying we should tell kids that sex is something they should avoid but if they can't avoid it... I think sex is pretty f*ing awesome and if I tried to tell my daughter otherwise she is more than astute enough to know I'm feeding her a line of BS and will be less likely to listen to me from that point. I told her it can be great with the right person but she should definitely wait and find the right person and not rush into or be pressured into anything.

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