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Here is one of my attempts to squash the "tradition" argument.

"Marriage between a man and a woman has been the norm across cultures and throughout all of history. Cicero [a Roman orator who also supported slavery] way back when said that marriage was the first bond of society… Romney was right, we should not throw away 3000 years of human history as quickly as is happening right now." [She is referring to polls showing younger voter are almost completely on board for marriage equality, with attitudes shifting faster than any other civil rights movement did].

~ Janice Shaw Crouse , Concerned Women For America, a professional bigot.

Crouse is saying that, based solely on tradition, gays should be denied marriage equality. She wants to encourage homosexual promiscuity instead, a position rather inconsistent with her conservative Christian views on sex generally. I would concur with Cicero. If marriage is salutary for straight people, surely it is good for gay people too. Why should this generation have to wait for equality just because vicious old bags like her want to cling desperately to something to create the illusion she is superior?

In parts of Africa, it is a tradition going back millennia to attack young girls and cut out their genitals.

In other parts of Africa, a wooden disc is used to stretch their lips grotesquely.

In part of south east Asia young women have their rib cages collapsed with brass rings to create the illusion of long necks.

In China, female babies had their feet bound to deform them and make them smaller.

In Britain, people set dogs loose on bulls to kill them for entertainment.

In Spain, matadors torment bulls for entertainment.

Even today there are just as many people living in slavery as there were during the American civil war.

In some parts of the world, women are still not permitted to vote, drive, go to school, show their faces in public or go out in public unaccompanied.

In Calgary, Alberta Canada every year about half a dozen horses are killed in re-enactments of chuckwagon races.

In Canada, parents snip the tips off their son’s penises without consent or anaesthesia.

In the United States an ancient religious rituals calls for bullying homosexuals, denying them housing, denying legal recognition of their relationships, and is some cases beating them up and killing them.

Is tradition sufficient justification for blindly continuing all these practices? Or should they each be examined afresh on their own merits? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

Crouse knows she is going to lose this battle eventually, however, she wants to create as much misery as she can for gays while the bigots still have the upper hand. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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