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In Ireland, the name Sarah Palin (or any member of her family) is one that is not taken seriously but it appears the name carries some weight in the states which is unfortunate considering they bring nothing productive to the table.

Her comment about 'changing thousands of years of thinking about marriage' would be laughable if it was not for the history of marriage which, thankfully, has evolved throughout the centuries, at least in enlightened parts of the world. Bristol really should learn to speak for herself and form her own opinions not parrot the dogma she was raised to believe as fact although if she genuinely believe it then fair enough.

It's my opinion, which is shared by a great number of people I know, that marriage is a public declaration of love between two people which is legally binded and protected under the law. There is little to no religious importance to it, the preist and chapel are merely there for decoration (an actor and a set piece if you will). A majority of my friends (the females) know what the veil and white dress symbolise but they dont give a damn what a group of unenlightened fools who are centuries dead believe, a girl just wants to look beautiful on one of the most important days of her life.

With all of the above stated, why should couples of the same sex not be allowed to publically declare and legally bind their love for one another too? We are all equal and we are all born with the ability to love so why should some be denied by others who base there whole arguement on a book written by men so long dead. I was raised Catholic and even though I don't believe anymore I still remember being told repeataly that God created us (which includes gay people) in his image so why are the are the homophobes questioning their God's creation.

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