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Thanks for this background. To quote other comments, just put a > sign on the line at the start of the quote.

No offence intended, but we do occasionally get well-travelled old timers whose ideas have long been debunked or superseded, but who like to cling to them still. As a non-expert, I'm just trying to ensure you're not one of them!

"Mark Jones - Why neglect to confirm your hypothesis?"

Actually I said " seems unlikely you've neglected the opportunity to confirm your hypothesis...", but I take it from your answer that you have not confirmed your hypothesis, which is a shame.

In the light of your story, I think, to be fair to other commenters who have engaged with you, you should give links to your website and, if possible, reveal your name. The problem is, you are making unevidenced assertions, some vaguely plausible, some wild, and there is a possibility you are simply wasting everyone's time. I hope you understand my concerns, which appear to be shared by your wife!

Fri, 18 May 2012 00:46:39 UTC | #942119