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Comment 19 by sheepcat

Does no one here watch "Most Haunted", ghosts are clearly very real, how else do you explain the spooky noises that occur when a camera crew and several presenters and guests wander around really old houses in the dark?

I managed a minute of it once but had to change channel before I put my coffee mug through the TV. It consists of: camera crews and idiotic "psychic types" who run around like imbeciles at night in spooky old buildings, listening for the slightest noise (as if a bloody noise is proof of a ghost) and looking their best to look scared. And of course they have already made up their minds that ghosts exist beforehand; one might as well watch schizophrenics talking to themselves.

In 2012, shows like Most Haunted are an embarrassment. The public needs to know that ghosts don't exist - it needs a sort of 'strident' Dawkins.

Fri, 18 May 2012 01:44:49 UTC | #942131