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When the word tradition gets wrapped up in the ideas of religion, often truly disturbing things tend to happen.A list of traditional values has already been listed here and there are certainly many others, all to illustrate that what is considered to be traditional thinking is seldom right, and often born in ignorance of the truth.

But let's focus on the marriage issue for a moment, otherwise I'll be typing for days about the false equivocation between religious tradition and what is right. The origins of the marriage had far more to do with the acquisition or maintaining of wealth than anything else, often against the wishes of one or both people getting married. It had little or nothing to do with love, and aspects of that practice exist to this day. Through this the couple is expected to reproduce to preserve the family lines and pass the wealth down. Quite often younger women were married to older men, and the women themselves were little more than property for extending the bloodline.

The fact that we have societies where love is entered into the social contract of marriage is a wonderful thing. We have progressed beyond religious limitations in regards to it, racial limitations, gender limitations and the traditional limitations already mentioned here. Marriage is no longer about the contract between families and wealth, though many of its traditions are still tied to those old ideas. It is a decision 2 people who wish to devote themselves to each other can make, and quite a few do. That people have personal or 'traditional' issues with homosexual relationships is no justification to limit what 2 people in love can do with their lives.

There are good reasons why many traditions get abandoned and outdated as we grow as a society. Because the were not good traditions and because they have no place. Far past time to let this one go.

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