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So, I would suggest that the higher intelligence isn't what gives rise to the opportunity to make the error of religious belief, but that the capacity to live for 'law' rather than a fist is essentially what religion is and that once this was part of our nature we were able to go big. I am further suggesting that this 'submission to law' can only operate bi-modally, by a default mode and a converted mode, as being law-abiding, regardless of the social environment is clearly not an ESS. It only pays when there is a convincing group to join but then pays big-time.

Yes, I'm happy to hear all your suggestions and you make a lot of them and, for all I know, you may be right. But you don't seem to be reading my comments and inwardly digesting them. Until you start presenting evidence for your suggestions you are wasting everyone's time, including your own. But you should really submit your own article, since this is getting off topic!

Your ESS approach appears to be something like David Sloan Wilson's. Coincidentally, he seems to favour attacking other atheists rather than concentrating on his own work.

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