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Comment 148 by Less Entropy

As with inclusive fitness there is a mass of observed phenomena that my theory explains.

Have you understood nothing I've written?

If you can pull my logic apart, or point out the step at which you think it fails, then I would be most grateful.

But your arguments are terrible; I pointed out one such in comment 49, to which you offered a terrible response. It would take me a long time to go through all your faulty logic, which, since you are not willing to present any evidence, would be a waste of time, as I've explained. You haven't even presented a formal argument throughout all your comments. Nevertheless, I've been charitable and allowed that you could just be poor at expressing your arguments, and asked you to support your comments. Your refusal to offer any evidence, even though I've patiently explained the reasons for the request, lead me to conclude that you are being deliberately obtuse.

I will leave you to it, since that sort of behaviour I consider trolling.

I don't think Sloan Wilson has anything like my default theory - although I gave it to him many years ago. Perhaps, he has re-invented it, I do know, I'd better have a look.

*shakes head*

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