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Having read God is Not Great, God Delusion, Letter to a Christian Nation and more besides I thought I should see for myself what the Bible is like. In recent years I have taken to reading a book of the Bible during Easter. So far I have ploughed my way through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers and found much to dislike - I was really shocked at the penalty of death for collecting sticks, the valuation of women as about half that of men, bored witless with the inanity of the penalties for various trangressions - but overall it is truly fascinating. However, how long before I get onto some 'nice' stuff?

As to whether school children should read it - well possibly; but only if it is presented as literature and not as fact or moral guidance, and how likely is that? Even the biblical story that seems to be presented to children quite often - Jonah and the Whale - is decidely odd (see other thread on this). Perhsps references to works from the bible might be introduced in secondary schools, but I would prefer they stuck to secular texts for primary.

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