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I don’t think there's nothing wrong with reading the King James Bible, nor with reading the Scandinavian sagas, the Arabian Nights, the Persian tales and the like,as long as this will serve to expand the general and linguistic knowledge of the children. The problem arises when children are being indoctrinated in this book. In the same way that we explain children that the Scandinavian sagas, the Arabian Nights, etc. are fantasies that belong to ancient traditions, we must also tell them that the Bible is also fantasy stories that belong to our ancient culture, but has nothing to do with reality, except some passages that tell us of some ancient kingdoms in the Middle East. For subjects such as: who we are, where do we come from, etc., they ought to be introduced to reading scientific books for children, and they will gradually learn how to use their brains.

Sat, 19 May 2012 22:11:45 UTC | #942323