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I think that charismatic person will have to an ex-Christian. Ever since I was a teen I tried to understand them and just came to the conclusion they were defective, brain damaged, stupid, liars, con men, deluded etc. They are like mental patients wallowing in their own ordure refusing to take their meds. My attitude is extreme contempt. They make no sense at all.

This is not the most persuasive posture.

I suspect the process to rescue a Christian may be something like reassuring a child about bogey men under the bed. Maybe you have to pry it loose by selling them on the possibility of Pan. Does it take deprogramming-style extreme threat and emotion to exorcise it?

Logically we need to study the process by which Christians are cured. Why actually works? What are the mechanisms by which it attacks and holds on? We need to study it with same seriousness you would any other mental illness.

The root problem is the Christian believes God told him many things, when no such thing happened. A perfectly ordinary person made claims as to what God said, who even then did not get it first hand. He is afraid of God, not such much those BSers.

There is not even a clinic people can do to where experimental cures can be applied.

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