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If the Biblical God is your idea of "good", then being "good" is definitely nothing to strive for. With a God like that, who needs a devil? As others have pointed out, it is ironic how fundamentalists always go on about the dangers of moral relativism, when, in fact, there are no greater moral relativists than themselves. In order to escape the conclusion that Yahweh is the antithesis of every civilized value ever conceived, your moral standards have to be infinitely flexible, unless, of course, you define "good" as "whatever God is", thereby making a sentence like "God is good" (i.e. "God is whatever God is") into an empty tautology. If you believe in a god who literally said and did everything that Yahweh is supposed to have said and done according to the Bible (such as ordering genocides, demanding rape victims to be stoned, threatening to force anyone who disobeys him to eat their children etc.), and in spite of this you still take God’s side, then there is nothing you can accuse anybody else of that is worse than what you, yourself actively favor.

Sun, 20 May 2012 07:58:36 UTC | #942362