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Comment 10 by mjwemdee :

Re Comment #7 by Roedy

In Britain, people set dogs loose on bulls to kill them for entertainment.

I presume this is past tense, not present...? Or if you know it's going on now, can you give details?

To expand on Roedy's response @24, there hasn't been bull baiting, as it was called, since the 19thC, but many old market towns here still have the old baiting posts in place (as I recall there's a particularly fine one in the market place in Newark-upon-Trent. This 'sport' consisted of tethering a bear to the post by means of an iron collar and short chain. The bear was usually de-clawed and its canine teeth filed blunt to give the dogs a fighting chance. The dogs, specially bred for the 'sport', were set upon the bear in ones or twos, and the winner was the animal left alive. Pretty nauseating to think that this was considered suitable entertainment for all on market-days.

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