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From David Mitchell's article (linked above)

"First of all, the whole idea, practically speaking, is pointless. Many, if not most, of the schools to which Gove is arbitrarily sending a King James Bible will already have at least one. For those that do not, the acquisition of one copy of a book is useless for teaching purposes. And the entire King James Bible is available online anyway."

Well, quite. And more to the point:

"Michael Gove is a more senior member of the government. He doesn't just make speeches, he also comes up with "eye-catching initiatives". Whether it's sending out Bibles, buying a yacht for the Queen or letting people set up their own schools, he's got an impresario's gift for keeping us interested. He holds our attention with the £370,000 he's spending on gilded scriptures. It distracts from what's happening with unloved billions elsewhere"

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