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Ugh, this is fucking bullshit. I don't care if the KJB is a great work of literature; would RDF waste valuable funds paying for Shakespeare to be distributed to all kids in the UK? Dawkins' obsession with the KJB is the kind of thing that puts me off donating. I sure wouldn't want to see a penny of my money wasted on Gove's harebrained scheme.

Dawkins want people to read the bible so they can get to know the bad stuff in it, but he forgot the fact that it contains hundreds of pages of good literature. It sounds irrational and a waste to educate people in bible literature for the sake of a few evil pages, and then they have to spend 70% of their time evaluating the good parts too.

Proving you didn't bother to read the article, or you did read it but don't think honesty is a virtue. He explicitly called it good literature, right IN the very article you're talking about. It was the primary thrust of the whole piece. In fact, it could be most correctly summed up with the sentence "it's good literature but not a moral book."

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