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These issues always get so heated.

I just want to say what my personal ideal would be in terms of men and women in the so-called "secular movement" or "atheist movement".

I just want there to be roughly equal men and women taking part. I don't want (not that I'm putting anyone down - this is my own preference) special conferences or events. I definitely don't want a special area of the site devoted to women's issues. I just want women to be like anyone else, just people, taking part like anyone else. I want our comments and talks and articles to be taken on their own merit, just the same as the men's. I want our issues, like sexism, reproductive rights, or whatever else to be treated as part of the mainstream whole of all the other issues that we concern ourselves with in the "movement". I want people to just see these things as things that matter to and effect all of us, as people.

If you start putting women into a seperate group then you're going to make the mainstream, non-specified group, feel like it's the men's group instead of feeling like it's just the 'everybody' group.

I think it's counter-productive if the aim is to be seem more inclusive and attractive towards women looking in. Because if they're anything like me (and okay, they may not be, but some will be!) they'll feel like this just seems like the atheist movement really is all about men because the women are so much a minority that they have to gather together at a special conference.

What I would think would be the ideal way to attract more women to take part would be to make all the same efforts that you're all making now to discuss issues effecting women, arrange child care for conferences, have more women speakers, but do them entirely within the mainstream of the movement. Then it really will start to feel more like it's a diverse and inclusive movement.

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