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Comment 6 by mirandaceleste :

As a member of the Clergy Project and as a former RC chaplain and MDiv student, I had already left behind a patriarchal institution that undermined my value as a person and limited my function as a representative of that "tribe". So, it is easy to understand why I wasn't jumping at the opportunity to align myself with secular organizations who though most likely unaware, were perpetuating a subversive status quo.

Could you please provide some specific and concrete examples of "secular organizations" that "perpetuate" a "patriarchal" mindset, "undermine" the value of women, and "limit [womens'] function as [...] representative[s]" of their organizations, and explain how, precisely, these unnamed "secular organizations" are allegedly engaging in and/or have engaged in this behavior? Thank you.

Mirandaceleste, to be fair to her she didn't actually say that secular organisations had done any of those things. Those are the words she used to describe the religious institutions that she left behind her.

Sun, 20 May 2012 21:53:46 UTC | #942507