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Comment 129 by xmaseveeve :

Ridiculous posturing from Michael Gove. Disgusting and pointless waste of money, albeit from patronising, charitable charlatans flaunting their pitiless piety. Odious, outrageous move.

Brilliant reaction from Richard Dawkins. He picked up their grenade and casually chucked it back, saying they forgot to pull out the pin. Michael (dim and not even nice) Gove.... I'll edit myself here... oh, you missed some good insults.

Rebuild society? This government couldny put a nut in a monkey's mooth.

Thank you xmaseeve, you really get what I was trying to do. And thank you Susan Latimer for seeing it too, with your usual perceptiveness.


Mon, 21 May 2012 07:14:49 UTC | #942578