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Christians claim their religion makes them behave more morally than lesser people. I don’t think so, why?

+Most of the soldiers in the world doing most of the killing are Christian and Muslim (a Christian spin-off).

+The people most keen on wars in the USA are the Republican Christians, and in Canada, the Conservative Christians.

+Christians for all practical purposes believe that murder/killing in war is not all that serious a crime. It just sends the victim to heaven or hell a little early. It mainly hurts those left behind.

+To an atheist, murder is unspeakably wrong. It destroys all the victim’s experience, past, present and future. There will never be a happy reunion.

+Christians, though they will not admit it, believe rape is not that serious a crime. The victim will have eternity in heaven to get over the trauma. Life on earth is just an insignificant drop in the bucket of time.

+To an atheist, rape is a terrible crime. It ruins the victim’s entire life. There is no other compensating experience.

Christians lie to themselves and others. They did it imagining the lies would convince people to behave better. The bumbling idiots have created a religion that does just the opposite. Even when they saw the mess they made, they tried to fix it by making up even more lies.

These lies are making entire societies behave in insane ways.

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