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I was following the #wiscfi hashtag this weekend, and the conference sounded awesome.

I was there, and it was. Elisabeth Cornwell, executive director of RDF US, was one of the speakers. RDF funded childcare for the conference. Jamila Bey (another speaker) was able to have her little boy right upstairs thanks to that.

Wafa Sultan was one of the speakers, and her talk was overwhelming. (I and others liveblogged it, so you can find a summary of what she said in several places.) I sat next to her at the dinner a couple of hours later and she told us that she broadcasts an Arabic-language tv show to the Middle East but she has to do it via a Christian station because no one else will have her. Jeezis, I thought and said, RDF should know about this; I must tell Liz Cornwell!!

I did tell Liz as soon as I could find her the next day, but hooray, she was already all over it. We totally agreed that it's urgent to pry Wafa away from the Christians and the right wing. She is ours not theirs.

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