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Miranda, I know you're well aware that this is not the first time that the existence of sexism within the secular movement's institutions has been suggested. I'm assuming you know that specific examples have been provided in many places when this has been discussed. I'm also assuming you can deduce that "There is no sexism in these institutions despite the broad prevalence of sexism in the society in which these institutions exist" is a more extraordinary claim than "There is sexism in these institutions that mirrors the sexism in the society in which these institutions exist."

Given that, I can come up with three possibilities for your request for broad documentation to support Dunphy's statement:

  1. You consider a rehash of the prior information to be a hurdle that anyone must cross to say anything on the topic of sexism in the movement.

  2. You wish to see a discussion of the conference derailed into yet another argument on the minutiae of sexism in the movement.

  3. None of the piles of examples yet provided have satisfied your requirements for proving this non-extraordinary claim.

Since 1 and 2 are unworthy of you, I presume that #3 applies. So, given that the prior examples don't meet your requirements, what will? What evidence would you require to demonstrate to your personal satisfaction that sexism exists in these institutions the same way it does in the rest of the world?

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