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I asked the author of this piece for some specific examples of her claims/assertions and for clarification on a few points. She certainly has no obligation to respond to my questions and/or requests. I'm interested in discussing only the rhetorical effectiveness of and the strength of the claims and argument presented in this article. I have no desire to discuss anything beyond the effectiveness of this article's argument, both because I'm responding to a specific article, not the larger issue in question, and because, well, I've learned the hard way the consequences that come from expressing disagreement on this specific issue.

Because I haven't any interest in engaging in internet fights (nor do I have the time to), I will say nothing further about this article. I hadn't planned to anyway, but a friend just pointed me to a site where someone has called me "disgusting" simply for posing the questions I did in this thread, and that has made my decision to cease discussion of the effectiveness and strength of this article's argument much easier (want an example of those consequences that I mentioned in the previous paragraph? Being referred to as "disgusting" simply for posing questions to an article's author is just one example). I continue to hold out hope that the discourse will rise above that level, but I continue to be proven wrong, sadly enough.

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