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Comment 8 by T. stillson :

Comment 7 by Roedy

When I challenge a Christian’s bizarre assertions, he almost never offers evidence or an argument to support them. Instead he argues that it is a good thing that people believe this assertion or that terrible things would happen if they did not.

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. What kind of evidence are you looking for. I'm NOT here to argue AT ALL, but if I can shed some light on anything for anyone, I'm more than happy to try. Thank you!!!

By "I'm NOT here to argue AT ALL" I take it you meant "I'm not here to support any claim I make with anything resembling reason, rationality, logic, forget evidence"

How about ANY evidence AT ALL?

You can't shed light if you're completely in the dark.

You could start with anything Roedy said, but instead you've decided to ignore the points he made and declare that you aren't here to argue, so you don't have to actually be responsible for the things you say. In other words, you don't have to answer to what you assert. This is why you're religious, it's much easier to simply state "I don't have to argue my points, I say them as if they're axioms and ignore all objections". If only everyone could do that? : ) Oh wait, 90% do and leave it up to the 10% of competent people on Earth to suss things out for them to live comfortably, whilst damning that 10% as heathens!

Start there, hell anywhere will do!

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