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Comment 24 by SimonSays79 :

Interesting that Corylus uses the term "emotional" to describe the discussion of this matter. One of the conference speakers Bernice Sandler pointed out that this is a term that is predominantly used to describe women "as if men are not emotional at football games".

I say this because I keep hearing the same call to be "non emotional" (with regards to issues of sexism, male privilege, etc and I do not recall seeing it say, when we discuss issues relating to religion or racism. To me at least, this comes off as dismissive.

If I had used the term 'hysterical' you would have a valid point. I didn't. Why did you assume that I talk only of women's reactions to the issue?

(N.B. You might want to click on my profile and read some of my previous comments on gender issues, before commenting much further).

I am fond of words and choose them carefully. You know, I rather think I am justified in noting that debate on this subject is often heated :P

Also, I objected to the 'pile-on' that happened after a request for further information - and further apparent insults elsewhere. I completely reserve the right to make such objections. I am also interested in examples of problems encountered. You do not fix problems without first identifying them.

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