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Comment 1 by Neodarwinian :

" I cannot guarantee that I’ll come to the political table setting aside my identity as a Muslim."

The crux of the matter here. Muslims can not separate their religions and personal identities and the concept is not even on their radar. How then can the value we see in separation of church and state ever be appreciated by Islam? If you are your ideology then you are nothing else and you are not capable of approaching any table, let alone the political table.


Don't you think you have just been guilty as charged haha guilty of this unscientific generalization thought error : considering all muslims the same as a group, not as different individuals as you should have :

Read William James " "The varieties of religious experience " to know that there are as many different believers as individuals believers humans ,even amidst the same religious group .

P.S.: Individualistic & holistic Islamic Spain was the one that had fundamentally influenced the individualistic protestant reformation, among many other things ,so.

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