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Comment 16 by xsjadolateralus :

However, its ridiculous to automatically assume that just because you disagree with someone on a particular issue that you treat that person with contempt until they agree with you.


Person A thinks person B should die. Person B disagrees and gives reasons. Person A disregards reasons and insists person B should die.

Well, by your standards, we shouldn't treat them with contempt. Nor those who think we should be splattered on pavement, bombed to annihilation, take away child/woman rights, secularism. We shouldn't treat them with contempt.

Psychopaths, we shouldn't treat that person with contempt. Child rapists... You can see where I'm going here.

No, it isn't so simple. Some people need to be held accountable to what they say and do and sometimes contempt is the apt response.

It's not that we simply disagree, in other words. We disagree on things that determine life and death of children, rights, the future of civilization. Some ideas are only worthy of contempt, like those I've listed.

You are making wrong analogies & false comparisons

Besides :

What do you think makes you, of all people, the judge of just that ?

Don't you know that objectivity does not exist , not even at the level of exact sciences,let alone elsewhere ?

What makes you think you can be objective , of all people ?

Don't you think we ,as believers , can judge you the same way you do regarding ourselves ?

Have you ever heard of the golden rule for example ? ...of democracy ? ..of the freedom of belief, of thought, individual freedom , the freedom of speech ....?

Then wat ? should we try to erase each other from this planet or try to work together with each other as way many atheists & belivers already do ?

You do sound like the most religious fanatics ever , ironically enough : they are your best friends ever : you need ech other , you cannot exist without each other , those religious fanatics are the reason you exist as an atheistic fanatic , you love each other , you feed on each other ...

Congratulations for your intolerant destructive words : very 'constructive " positive attitude indeed

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