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PZ is right. We don't respect their ridiculous beliefs and I don't see why we should to pretend to. When they stop believing nonsense they can join our group, but until they do we will keep ridiculing them. I'd even go so far as to say that we have a moral obligation to do so.

You seem to be totally unaware of the fact that what you were saying was / is the very definition of ...fascism, ironically enough .

Congratulations .

What makes you think you possess or monopolise the truth, buddy ?

Ridiculous pretentious intolerance : science should make you humble, people .

P.S.: I do think, at the other hand , that all beliefs , cultures , thoughtstreams have some elements of truth here & there , to some extent at least ,including the secular or atheistic ones ,so.

Yes, its amazing that people who claim to be dedicated to "critical thinking and evidence-based understanding" can take such intolerant closed minded views.

BTW, I don't personally think that all beliefs have some elements of truth. I think some beliefs such as Christianity are just wrong. However, its ridiculous to automatically assume that just because you disagree with someone on a particular issue that you treat that person with contempt until they agree with you.

Even more than my belief in atheism is my belief in reason. And to have reasonable debates and analysis with others its essential that you treat people with respect even when, especially when, you disagree with them.

Exactly :

I can only agree with you, my friend : very wise words you put there , for us all to reflect on indeed .

It's really amazing to see how many of these kindda self-declared rational atheists behave so irrationally & exclusively ,if not via a fascist way , excluding all non-atheistic thought via these silly undemocratic irrational destructive ways ,unfortunately enough .

Why can't people just let everybodyelse believe in what she/he wanna believe in ?

When are we , humans, gonna stop pretending to possess or monopolize the truth ?

The very simple fact that what we do know is almost nothing compared to what we absolutely do not know & the fact that every single human being seems to have a certain amount of free will, should be reasons enough for us all to be more tolerant with each other , more compassionate ....more nice to each other .....showing our compassion for our mutual ignorance , ......................

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