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Comment 9 by casaoui-cool

You seem to be totally unaware of the fact that what you were saying was / is the very definition of ...fascism, ironically enough .

Hardly, I've never met a funny fascist, they generally seem to lack any sense of humor. Perhaps they take themselves a bit too seriously. Fortunately, this also makes them great targets for ridicule.

Congratulations .

Thank you :D

What makes you think you possess or monopolise the truth, buddy ?

It is precisely those who think they possess some sort of monopoly on truth who should be ridiculed.

Ridiculous pretentious intolerance : science should make you humble, people

LOL, have you met any real scientists? Many are extremely arrogant in their field of expertise, and justifiably so.

P.S.: I do think, at the other hand , that all beliefs , cultures , thoughtstreams have some elements of truth here & there , to some extent at least ,including the secular or atheistic ones ,so.

Sure, why not. The whole "God" thing is still ridiculous though.

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