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However, its ridiculous to automatically assume that just because you disagree with someone on a particular issue that you treat that person with contempt until they agree with you.


Person A thinks person B should die. Person B disagrees and gives reasons. Person A disregards reasons and insists person B should die.

Well, by your standards, we shouldn't treat person A with contempt. Nor those who think we should be splattered on pavement, bombed to annihilation, take away child/woman rights, secularism. We shouldn't treat them with contempt.

I don't see what that proves. Are you saying that all theists want to kill you? Or all theists want to kill some innocent person? I think one mistake you may be making is to assume that all theists are like Rick Santorum and his followers. They aren't. Again, I've personally worked with theists who are pro-choice, feminists, and work amazingly hard (much more so than I ever have or will) to help make this world a better place.

Psychopaths, we shouldn't treat those persons with contempt? Child rapists? You can see where I'm going here.

No actually I'm not sure where you are going. Are you saying every person who believes in God is psychopath or a child rapist? I assume you see how ridiculous that statement is. So then what are you saying? I'm not talking about psychopaths or child rapists. I'm talking about people like my ex-girl friend who is a concert pianist, and beautiful, and also a born again christian. And... I hope you are sitting down... she is also pro-choice and a feminist and a million times more honest and compassionate than I ever could hope to be.

Grow up. Its comforting to believe that the world is black and white. That anyone who disagrees with you is evil but the real world is seldom that simple.

No, it isn't so simple. Some people need to be held accountable to what they say and do and sometimes contempt is the apt response.

Some theists deserve contempt. Of course. So do some atheists. (Ayn Rand, Joseph Stalin)

And you're an idiot...

Wow, way to gracefully DANCE around everything I said.

"What, what are you saying, huh, all theists are psychopaths, what"

You are more dense than bank vault walls.

The last refuge of someone who can't use reason, start throwing out insults. I responded to each of your arguments with a rational response. You ignored my rational arguments and just insult me.

First off, I said "A hypothetical", secondly, of course I wasn't saying all theists are psychopaths or want to kill me. That would be your idiotic translation of what I said.

I was using an analogy, a thought experiment to prove my point.

I was asking an honest question. I realized it was a hypothetical question and I didn't think you meant that all theists were psychopaths. That's why I said "I assume you see how ridiculous that statement is." I truly did not and still don't see what the point of your statement was. Of course psychopaths and child rapists are bad. But as you agree all theists aren't child rapists or psychopaths so what does your original statement about psychopaths and child molesters have to do with a general discussion about whether its possible for atheists to ever work with theists? (I.e. work with the theists that aren't child rapists and psycopaths)

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