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Anyone not had a conversation that goes something like this.....?

Unbeliever : " So how do I get to have this faith I can see what it is ? "

Believer : " God will help you to just need to have faith, then God will do the rest "

Unbeliever : " Er, maybe.....but I need to believe in the first place, that's the bit I'm having a problem with "

Believer : "Let God into your heart, then he can work on you "

Unbeliever : " Erm....don't I have to believe in God first to let him in ? Why should I believe ? "

Believer : "Only by believing will God be able to give you faith to see him "

Unbeliever : " So let me get this straight. You want me to believe in order to have the 'faith' to believe in him ? "...........walks off scratching head.

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