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My conversations go more like this:

Unbeliever: You don't even know the Bible, nor do you go to Church. How do you know you'll go to Heaven?

Believer: God is merciful and loving.

Unbeliever: But have the read the fine-print? Surely this is really important... either you're going to live forever in paradise or you'll be tortured forever. Isn't it important to get it right? What if God finds out you worked on a Sunday, thereby breaking one of the 10 Commandments. And you swore the other day. This COULD be enough to get you disqualified.

Believer: I don't think God, in all his mercy, would send a good person to Hell, even if he did a few minor things wrong.

Unbeliever: But how do you KNOW that for sure? Aren't you just assuming? Did He actually tell you which rules are flexible?

And so on. In other words, the believer wants to do whatever he likes, and still assumes God will be give him the thumbs up. Pretending to know things they can't know.

I'm always amazed how relaxed most Christians are about it. If it were true, and so much depended on it, you'd think it'd be rational behaviour to go through the rules with a fine tooth-comb and obey each one obsessively.

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