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I think that puts too fine a semantic point on it. 'Faith' to me is just a word with a meaning similar to, but stronger than, 'belief.' When I use it, it is for something I cannot know but evidence tells me is more than just likely.

I have the highest faith Alabama will field a stong football team this fall. It's based on history and knowledge. It's certainly not a hope as it would suit me just fine if they never won another game. I cannot know how the season will unfold, but I have faith, based on reason, that I am correct.

Religious faith is a whole different animal. I'll be right nine years out of ten and they will never be right.

Religion has co-opted and ruined a perfectly good word and I want it back.

Note to homosexuals- I am not in the least homophobic but when you are finished with it, I'd like the word 'gay' back as well.

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