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steve, only the first one applies these days. i doubt very much that the other 4 meanings would be used let alone recognised by many, if any, people under 50 these days. words take on new meanings and lose older ones.

by the way, don we now our gay apparel, should really be rephrased into the politically correct don we now our gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender apparel, or the hyper correct, if less euphonious, don we now our LGBT apparel. better watch out or the pc police will get you!

Now, that's a little too cynical for me. I tend to interpret words by their context, as I think QKat was suggesting. Remember the "Literal Family" on Saturday Night Live? "You guys kill me!" A little flexibility is a good thing. ;-)

Tue, 22 May 2012 03:01:02 UTC | #942744