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Comment 17 by T. stillson

For example, I never saw Napolean or Alexander the Great, and what they did or didn't do, with my own eyes, and neither did anyone that's alive today. But I choose to believe, or reject, for myself what history tells us about them.

These sort of comparisons are just ridiculous. You can't seriously compare the historical veracity of some obscure 1st century carpenter who barely gets a mention outside of tracts from half a dozen or so fanatical followers........with men who by their very definition impacted a good deal of the known world in their own lifetimes and who are massively recorded as such.

I mean....for the blazes do you think Alexandria got it's name ? Is there a contemporary 'Jesusville' from Christ's time ?

Tue, 22 May 2012 09:37:56 UTC | #942782