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You have to click through to see that this is indeed a repeat of the tired argument you can't be good without God.

"*If morality is merely an illusion, how does this change your thinking about actions like a man forcing a woman to have sex with him, one person killing another person for the fun of it, or the systematic extermination of a particular class of people?"

It cannot be stupidity but deliberate dishonesty that people like this keep straw manning atheists as believing there is no such thing as morality. Just because something is the product of thought processes and not supernatural woo does not mean it is not real in the sense of having symbolic value.Nor does it mean it doesn't relate to physical reality. If I am hungry my hunger is real to me, but that doesn't mean it has concrete reality. The concept is proxy for my reaction to a physical event. In the same way if I want to strive to be fair honest and caring it relates to how I feel about the real physical and mental suffering of others. No supernatural agent required!

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